Welcome and All About Us
At proof-reading-services, we offer a fast, on-line service which ensures that your written work is presented in the best possible way, using concise and correct English.  Our Principal is Teresa Baker, who has gained wide experience, both in British Industry and public organisations. 
Teresa has established a tight system of quality control which means that all our work is subjected to a comprehensive review process.  It works too - so far there has never been a single case of error on our part.
We are happy to give cost estimates in advance and we accept on-line credit card payments.
Our service is completely confidential and all work is deleted from our files, once payment is received (unless you specifically ask us to retain it).  Of course, any intellectual property rights remain with the author.
Our Experience
Our current clients range from UN and EU researchers, through to Students (many with English as a second language), who have dissertations and important essays to submit.
Fast Turnaround
Because we offer an on-line facility, we can provide a very fast service (but without ever compromising our professionalism).
Very Competitive Costs
Our base is very much out-of-town and that means we have low fixed costs which are reflected in our pricing.  We have managed to produce a charging basis which meets the requirements of highly demanding clients (like the UN) and yet fit in with the tight budgets of our student clients!  We are always happy to give a cost estimate in advance.